Olly Learns Italian – What Do I Think Of My Speaking?


Last week was a bit of a marathon, speaking Italian every day … and recording it!

I also admit it was really difficult to choose which clips to include. Obviously, in 5 hours of video, there's a lot to choose from.

Good bits, bad bits, and everything in-between.

So I chose a mix! And there were many comments saying “it was a relief to see you struggling!” – and I was pleased about that, because I chose to include the “struggling” bits precisely for that reason.

By the same token, I felt that there was a real improvement over the course of the week, and so for days 4 and 5, I chose clips that were among the best…clips that I felt represented that improvement.


That doesn't matter so much, because the true state of my Italian will become clear over the next 2 months … there's nowhere to hide!

So How Did I Do?

Moving forward, I'll probably release a long-form video speaking Italian every other week.

So, one week speaking Italian, the other week discussing how I've been learning.

This week, then, I'll give you my thoughts on how I did in my speaking last week, after one month of silence.

Here's what I discuss in the video:

Please leave your comments and questions below! Also, don't forget that I'm keeping a record of all the resources I've been using to learn Italian in the project homepage: Mission Control.

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Jeanette Nowell Cameron says:
10 Aug 2018 01:30

Loved the video! Glad to see your analysis of your week of speaking, and hearing from Martina as well was really informative. Keep it up, Olly!

Gian Carlo says:
10 Aug 2018 11:38

Hello Holly, I follow you from the first episodes and I remember that you had already had an experience of studying the Italian language in the past. I wonder how much of your previous experience is still alive in your memory.

Bravo !
Grazie per tutti i tuoi suggerimenti per lo studio delle lingue
Gian Carlo

Olly Richards says:
10 Aug 2018 18:29

Thanks Jeanette. I think I’ll keep up the analysis!

Olly Richards says:
10 Aug 2018 18:34

Ciao Gian Carlo. Good question. You know, in the first few weeks, I wasn’t sure. I thought maybe my knowledge from 17-18 years ago helped me understand a bit… and maybe it did… some familiarity with sentence patterns, basic verbs etc. But now that I’ve started speaking, I’m quite clear that whatever benefit that gave me expired quite quickly, because the kind of things I’m trying to say and express now are all far more advanced, and totally new territory. As well, the 3 other romance languages I’ve learned since then are all far clearer in my brain, so, as much as anything else, my job right now feels like “disentangling” the Italian I’m learning from all of those languages!

Ara says:
11 Aug 2018 03:29

Hi Holly. I have been following your progress in Italian, and by the outcome it really seems that the focus in input really works. In your video today, you were wondering why you could work out the prepositions in Italian, but not the irregular verbs. Don’t you think that with more time of exposure to the language, even that would come naturally?
I also think that if you only have been listening and reading, when the time to produce the language comes, it will take a time of adjustment until you feel comfortable. I mean, your brain has been passive until now, so, becoming active will take time some time, but the words and structures are already in your mind and you will master using them eventually.

Olly Richards says:
17 Aug 2018 14:12

Hi Ara, yes I think the verbs will come with time. In fact, they’re already taking shape quite nicely! 🙂

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