Olly Learns Italian – What Do I Think Of My Speaking?


Last week was a bit of a marathon, speaking Italian every day … and recording it!

I also admit it was really difficult to choose which clips to include. Obviously, in 5 hours of video, there's a lot to choose from.

Good bits, bad bits, and everything in-between.

So I chose a mix! And there were many comments saying “it was a relief to see you struggling!” – and I was pleased about that, because I chose to include the “struggling” bits precisely for that reason.

By the same token, I felt that there was a real improvement over the course of the week, and so for days 4 and 5, I chose clips that were among the best…clips that I felt represented that improvement.


That doesn't matter so much, because the true state of my Italian will become clear over the next 2 months … there's nowhere to hide!

So How Did I Do?

Moving forward, I'll probably release a long-form video speaking Italian every other week.

So, one week speaking Italian, the other week discussing how I've been learning.

This week, then, I'll give you my thoughts on how I did in my speaking last week, after one month of silence.

Here's what I discuss in the video:

Please leave your comments and questions below! Also, don't forget that I'm keeping a record of all the resources I've been using to learn Italian in the project homepage: Mission Control.

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