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  • edy

    ola eu preciso da sua ajuda… näo consigo pronunciar o r frances…

  • Clayton Best

    When will I get my money back from the Trial period of my 26 of 30 days that, I emailed about? You said all we had to do is email you and ask for a refund ?!?! Thank you 🙂

  • Kaitlyn Witt

    Hi Olly!
    My name is Kaitlyn and I am studying abroad and learning Hindi in Varanasi,
    India. I had never studied Hindi before until coming to India at the
    beginning of September. I thought my program was going to be purely about
    language learning and immersion. However, I am actually in english
    university classes all day around americans expect for my one Hindi class
    that is taught in the mornings. Therefore, I am so discouraged with the
    rate of learning I am at. I am one of those beginner learning languages
    persons that doesn’t know what or how to study. Therefore I just end up
    hopping from resource to resource. My goal is to be at a conversational
    ease in Hindi before I leave in May. I now have a good idea of the grammar
    but I can never remember words and I don’t even know which ones I should be
    focusing on learning. I found a language buddy but I really don’t think
    that our three sessions I have had so far have been productive. She can
    barely understand english and because I am a beginner in Hindi there has
    been a lot of miscommunication. I don’t know how to structure this time
    with her so that it will actually help me and be productive. At this point
    I feel so extremely discourage. My dream is to be fluent in at least a
    second language but I am just not sure if I can. I have dyslexia which
    makes my Indian teachers very not understanding and leaves me feeling
    frustrated. I already have majorly struggled with my own language and I
    really wanted to overcome my learning disability by learning another
    language. No one in my entire extended family can speak any thing any than
    English. I wanted to be the first but I feel incredibly discouraged and
    don’t know how to be productive, what resources to use, how much time, etc.
    I have three months in India left and I want to make it count. Also at the
    same time I am balancing all my other university classes in English and two
    teaching english internship jobs. Is there any hope for me?
    Thanks for reading!
    – Kaitlyn

    • Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for the comment, and firstly, well done for going out and looking for answers! Lots of people would give up, but the fact you’re committed means you will succeed.

      There are lots of smaller questions embedded in your comment, and what I’d suggest is that you start by going through the podcast archives (look in the menu bar). You’ll find answers to the very specific questions you’ve asked.

      Once you’ve absorbed some of those ideas, please feel free to come back to me with whatever questions you still have. You might like to leave a question on the podcast, which I’ll answer directly.

      Best of luck, and don’t forget to keep going!!!

  • Marie

    Hi Olly ! I hope you’re all right. Thanks to a youtube ad (usually I don’t like it but this one seems to be useful), I’ve just found out an app called “grammarly”. It corrects writing, gives synonyms to improve writing skills, it’s a free grammar checker. Do you know this ap ? I would like to know your opinion. Here is the link :
    Thank you !

    • I’m sure it can be useful! It’s certainly popular. I haven’t used it myself.

      • Marie

        Ok, I’m going to try it on. Thanks !