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How to get s*** done!

language setting goalsMy entire experience with language learning has led me to one, important conclusion about the big question of setting goals and making progress.

What matters is not what we study, it’s how we study.

I use one very simple but powerful approach to making progress and getting s*** done, which I want to share with you in this article.

My hope is that it will change the way you study for good.

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JapanesePod101 Review – Website to Learn Japanese Online

japanesepod101 lesson list

When I first arrived in Japan and started searching for resources to learn Japanese online, I found everywhere I looked. Their free podcasts often kept me company on those hideously long train journeys to work at 7am on the 西武池袋線 (Seibu-Ikebukuro line) Later, I remember considering signing up to their website, but without knowing if […]

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How To Do More Listening – Zero Motivation Required!

how to do more listening

We all have trouble finding the time to study. But what if getting exposure to your target language was automatic and you had to make the conscious choice not to study? This is a simple, effective hack for the motivationally-challenged, which I learnt from Olle Linge, over at the awesome Hacking Chinese blog. It can help you set up an immersion […]

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5 Signs You’re Not As Fluent As You Think (And How to Fix It)

kerstin hammes

Today we have a great guest post from Kerstin Hammes, of Fluent Language Tuition, on some danger signs to look out for on your path to becoming fluent! Kerstin is a native German speaker and has lived in the UK since 2003. She’s passionate about languages and has studied English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Russian. Kerstin offers online […]

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Polyglot Gathering Report Days 3 & 4

alex rawlings reading

Welcome to a summary of three fantastic talks that I attended on the last two days of the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin. As with my summaries of days one and two, these are notes on the main points from the talks. I’ve written them in the first person, as I think it’s more entertaining that way, but […]

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231 Polyglots Taught Me This One Thing

successful language learning

I recently attended a language learning conference in Berlin, along with 231 other polyglots. Before going, I had no idea what to expect, but I had a few questions: What would the other polyglots be like? How do they all learn languages? Would I finally find out the best method? I also felt slightly apprehensive: […]

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Polyglot Gathering Report Day 2

polyglot gathering berlin

(Photo: with Connor Clyne and Ellen Jovin… in order of height) At 10am yesterday morning was a fascinating panel discussion with five hyperpolyglots who were asked about different approaches to language learning “How Hyperpolyglots Learn Languages” – 10am Monday 16th June, #PolyglotBer

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Polyglot Gathering Report Day 1

polyglot gathering berlin 2014

Yesterday saw day 1 of the first Polyglot Gathering in Berlin. #polyglotber It was fantastic to meet so many people who are passionate about language learning, and I also had the opportunity to meet lots of people who I’ve previously only known online. There was a big range of people, from those who speak a couple […]

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Choosing The Best Language Resources – Part 1: Self-Study

choosing language resources

It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of choosing the right language resources. Getting it right means choosing materials that match how you learn. This motivates you and speeds up your progress. Getting it wrong means a long slog through material that’s not right for you. This is demotivating, makes it harder to learn, and may […]

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17 Destructive Habits That Are Killing Your Progress Dead!

bad language learning habits

What would you say if I told you: “You already know everything you need to know about language learning”? Would you believe me? The thing is, this might just be true. You know that language learning isn’t rocket science. You know that the most important thing is just doing a little bit every single day. You […]

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