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19 quick changes you can make today that will make you a better language teacher

better language teacherIn a recent article, I asked the question: Are you wasting your money on language classes?

The article made the point that, while classes can help with your language learning, the reality is that they’re probably doing more harm than good.

So where does this leave language teachers?

Well, I believe that language teachers need to up their game, and in this post I’m going to say exactly how.

From years of experience of language learning, teaching and teacher training, here are the 19 most powerful improvements you can make today to become a better language teacher, and change the lives of your students for the better.

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Are you wasting your money on language classes?

language classes

If you want to learn a new language, you’ve probably thought about taking language classes. But is this the best way to go? Are language classes really worthy of your hard-earned cash? In an industry said to be worth around US$200 billion, it’s a question that we’re entitled to ask, and I’m going to explore […]

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How NOT to suck at language challenges

language challenge

“Language challenges”, you may have noticed, are cropping up all over the place! Typically lasting either 30 or 90 days, you come together with other learners from around the world to set goals, learn from each other and make giant strides forward in your language learning. That’s the theory at least. In language challenges, as […]

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What to do if you lack the passion for language learning

passion language learning

Where do you think desire to learn a language comes from? Yes, it’s great to cultivate a desire, a love, a passion for the language you’re learning, but I wonder if sometimes that’s not a bit too idealistic. It might be all very well for me, with the good fortune to be able to live […]

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Why being a translator isn’t as easy as you think

being a translator

Lots of people dream of being a translator.  Perhaps this is because you need to be very, very good at another language in order to do the job! But how certain are you that you’d actually enjoy it? In this fascinating guest post, written by Pauline Durant, of London-based translation agency Language Reach, you’ll get […]

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Advice On Learning Egyptian Arabic – Interview with Olly

best way to learn egyptian arabic

When my friend Jan van der Aa visited Cairo last week, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk about all things “Egypt”. In this short video, shot on my balcony, we discuss my progress since I started learning Arabic 3 months ago: How is life in Egypt? Is Egyptian Arabic more difficult than […]

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Good Study Habits…For Lazy People

good study habits

I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve read about routine, willpower, and getting things done. And yet I still find it so hard to develop good study habits. Are there people in this world who just can’t stick to routines? Were some people simply born without the willpower gene? Well, are there? In fact, […]

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Is drinking with new friends the best language learning solution?

drinking with friends

Language exchanges have been a core part of my language learning strategy since the very beginning. Sitting down with a real person and practising a new language over a coffee (or something stronger) is one of my favourite things in life. That’s why I welcome this guest post today from Santiago Montero, founder and director of […]

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What I wish I knew about language learning 10 years ago

olly sphynx pyramid

When I was 20, I thought that the passing of time didn’t apply to me. I didn’t really think I’d get old. The future was hypothetical. As it turns out, I was wrong. Quite a few years have insisted on passing in spite of my protests. One of the things I now know is that […]

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5 study hacks that are working for me right now

olly pyramids full low res

I’m 3 months into my Egyptian Arabic project right now, so it’s high time to write a bit about what I’ve been doing, how I’ve been learning and what’s been working for me. Just to recap, my first month learning Arabic, before I left for Egypt, was spent with a variety of beginner resources. I […]

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