Video in Cantonese: 1 month progress

Here we go! I’ve been studying Cantonese for 1 month and this is the video of my current level. It’s very raw, and I know it must be full of mistakes, but I’d be happy if you can understand the message at least!

To find out how I learnt it all, see here.

To learn more about my new Cantonese learning resource, Cantonese Conversations, click this link.

Please leave me a comment and let me know any tips or suggestions for improvements – I’d be really grateful!

Progress Videos:

Cantonese 1-month progress video

How I learnt Cantonese – the first month

Cantonese 2-month progress video

Cantonese update – singing!

Cantonese 3-month progress video – “How to make progress”

Cantonese 4-month progress video

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  • You speak really good Cantonese after learning it for one month. Well done! I understand Cantonese and I understood what you said. Speaking Cantonese everyday is essential if we want to pick up the language fast – the language has so many intonations and sounds, and many phrases are often pronounced quickly.

    • Thanks Mabel! Really good to hear that I’m making some sense! I’ll be putting up the 2 month progress video next week… Let’s see how much I’ve improved since then!

      • I am looking forward to it! Hope to see you speaking longer sentences 🙂