IWTYAL 276: I’m losing my motivation to keep learning

Terry asks: What should I do when I lose my motivation?

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Simon Robinson says:
27 Sep 2018 08:18

I totally agree with Olly’s advice on this issue, in fact I think we perhaps have unrealistic expectations about consistency when it comes to learning – I actually think we do best when we let our interests wax and wane. For example, for 6 months or so after a trip to Taiwan I was studying Chinese quite seriously, but then I got very interested in learning to play ukulele, so stopped the Chinese and instead practiced ukulele nearly every single day for 18 months or so, until I decided I wanted to devote my time to improving my Japanese, which I have been working hard at for the last six months. I’m going to keep going as my current goal is to be able to understand movies and podcasts and read novels, which is going to take some work (especially the novels!) but I am sure this enthusiasm will wane at some point and I will move on to a new learning project whilst taking all the learning from this one (much improved japanese!) with me, and I really think this is how we learn best, so like Olly I say go with it – let Mandarin go for a while and be open-minded about what you move on to and whether (and in what way) you come back to it.

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