IWTYAL 153: Tips to learn languages abroad

In this episode, I discuss learning languages abroad.

In this episode:

What I've been doing in Hong Kong:

  1. Talking to people on the street is neither easy nor productive. Create dedicated opportunities to speak: ConversationExchange.com, MyLanguageExchange.com
  2. Learning local vocabulary for daily life is the biggest benefit to living abroad: Use flashcards to store what you learn
  3. Keep an ongoing record of phrases you want to use, and ask someone later (again, I use flashcards for this)
  4. You only need a couple of good friends to create a perfect learning environment – go out as much as possible
  5. Use commuting time for study
  6. Use all dead time for revision
  7. Don't stop studying!
  8. Look for ways to involve yourself in the language – I'm creating my own materials

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Today's quote:

A wise man will create more opportunities than he finds

Francis Bacon

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