The 23 Best Online Resources To Learn Spanish

23 best Spanish online resources

Would you like to learn Spanish in way that

Then online Spanish learning is the way to go.

You're probably into online learning anyway seeing as you're reading this post.

But I'm sure you've experienced the overwhelm of trying to choose the right resources among all the websites, courses, podcasts and blogs on the internet.  

That's why in this post, I've put together my favorite online resources for learning Spanish.

You'll find Spanish online resources for every level of your learning journey from beginner to advanced.  And more importantly, you'll discover how to make them work for you and your Spanish goals. 

The Most Valuable Spanish Learning Resource: You

But first, I want to start with the most important part of learning a new language: you.

In the end, your success in learning Spanish will have more to do with your motivation and commitment than what textbook or revision aid you use.

Ask Yourself: 

There are more incredible resources for learning Spanish online than ever before.

But the fundamentals of learning Spanish are still the same—the best instruction in the world will do nothing if you don't dedicate enough of your time, energy, and focus to learning Spanish.

Once you find a website or course you enjoy, you have to use it!

Studying Spanish independently online will only be successful if you identify the best resources for you and then commit to using them daily.

How To Find The Best Spanish Resources For You: A Checklist

key ingredient Spanish online resources

Your language-learning journey will be different than anyone else's because your experiences and life are different.

All of the resources on this list will help you learn Spanish. But your best list might look different from mine because every language learner is unique.

Before I give you a list of my favorite online resources, it will help for you to identify what makes a given website or program the best for you.

Knowing what you are looking for will help you evaluate all of the available options for learning Spanish online.

You'll want to try a few and see what works best for you. As you start working through them, keep a list of what you like and what doesn't work as well.

Ultimately, you'll want to create your own list of the best online resources that is tailor-made to your preferences and lifestyle.

My Top 23 Spanish Resources Online

With that said, here are my favorite online resources for learning Spanish.

I have used many of these myself and had the rest recommended to me by friends that are similarly enthusiastic about learning and teaching Spanish.

The Must-Know Types Of Spanish Resources Online

Listing them this way will help you quickly scroll through the choices and pick what you need.

Spanish Dictionaries And Grammar Guides

online Spanish dictionaries

These are websites you can use to look up unfamiliar words, translate text, and learn the basics of Spanish grammar and conjugation.

Full Spanish Language Courses

online Spanish courses

If you want to jump right in with a Spanish course, here are five I recommend: 

Some of these courses are targeted at beginners, some are for intermediate learners ready for the next level (or needing to brush up on Spanish that has gotten rusty), and others cover both beginning and intermediate levels.

Bite-Sized Spanish Online Resources For Revision&Practice 

supplemental Spanish materials

No one of these resources will be enough to gain complete fluency in Spanish. But these bite-sized Spanish instructional aides and activities are perfect for everyday practice and revision.

Spanish Blogs And Podcasts

Spanish blogs and podcasts

Listening to Spanish spoken by many different native speakers is a great way to get comfortable with a variety of Spanish accents and phrases. Reading Spanish is also an important skill that you can work on at any time online.

Online Spanish Speaking Partners

Spanish speaking partners

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to speak it! The good news is that you can do that online with either of these programs that connect you with a Spanish speaker for live practice from home:

Online Spanish Immersion Materials

Spanish immersion materials

As your Spanish improves, you'll need to upgrade your reading and listening material to media produced for Spanish speakers (as opposed to Spanish learners).

If you're already an intermediate or advanced Spanish learner, incorporate these resources into your daily study.

The Key Ingredient To Make The Most Of Spanish Online Resources: You!

No resource can ever be the “magic” key to making you fluent in any language.

Instead what counts are the factors that make you a unique Spanish learner. And the amount of time and effort you can put into learning Spanish daily.

As you try out the resources from this list, reflect on what's working best for your current level. And more generally for your learning style and preferences.

The most important part of any Spanish language course or resource is the effort you put into it. No matter what, commit to working on your new language every day with the resources that suit you and you'll see your hard work pay off. 

What are your favourite Spanish resources online? Are you going to try out any suggestions from this post? Let me know in the comments. 

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