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Recently I finished writing a 6-part series for people wanting to kickstart their Japanese. It's aimed at people who have been living in Japan for some time but have stagnated in their progress – as unfortunately happens to many people, especially in Tokyo.

I'm really excited that the first half of the series has just been published by the huge Japanese website and you can find your way to the articles direct from my author page.

I've written a few posts recently that have been aimed at learners of Japanese, but this one, more than any other, is particularly well-suited to anyone who is living abroad and struggling with their progress. So even if you're not learning Japanese, you will find some great ideas and practical how-to's in there that will give you a clear way forward.

gaijinpotThe first post in the series, Get Disturbed, holds up a mirror and gets you to examine closely how you've been studying up until now. Understanding what you've been doing is the first step to change. I don't pull any punches here – it's quite a brutal analysis of your study habits you have to go through!

And the best part of all is that since they've published the first three posts together, you can just dive straight in – you don't even have to wait a week for the next instalment!

I spent a long time writing this series, and I tried to make it really valuable – not just another “how-to guide”, so I really hope you enjoy it.

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