The 15 Best German Learning Apps For Every Level And Budget

German learning apps

If you're looking for a way to learn German faster, then German learning apps are an excellent resource.

Whether you want to squeeze in an extra lesson, brush up on the basics, or need a study aid, you'll find the app for you.

Ideally, you should try to use a variety of different study tools for a well-rounded learning experience.

Some apps will help you get a grip on grammar basics, while others build vocabulary or conversational skills. I recommend choosing at least one app from each category.

So, in this article, you'll find my favorite 15 apps for learning German, covering grammar, immersion, conversation and more!

By the way, if you're looking for something more comprehensive than an app to get started in German, my recommendation is story-based learning and that's exactly what you'll find in German Uncovered, my immersive and innovative beginner course.

Apps For Instant German Immersion

Some apps enable you to instantly immerse yourself in the German language through everyday conversations and scenarios.

These apps combine reading, writing, speaking, and listening with essential German grammar and pronunciation exercises.

1. Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is an app that will instantly immerse you in the German language.

This app uses text, pictures, and sound to sharpen your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Instant feedback through speech recognition technology helps you improve your German pronunciation.

You'll learn words and phrases for everyday conversations that you can practice through audio lessons and stories. A phrasebook enables you to keep track of essential vocabulary.

2. Wie Geht's German


Wie geht's German helps you quickly gain a hang of the language essentials. For instance, you can start with a complete course on the alphabet.

You'll find almost 100 lessons that deal with real-life scenarios. Some category examples include meeting people, days of the week, seasons, and holidays.

High-quality audio assists with pronunciation, while dynamic quizzes help you memorize new vocabulary. And you'll learn common German phrases as well as grammar concepts.

3. LingoDeer



LingoDeer is a fantastic app to start learning German instantly.

Designed by language teachers, the app starts with the basics like the alphabet, simple sentence structure, greetings, and numbers. And the detailed explanations help you gain a deep understanding of the grammar.

In addition, the audio recordings are high-quality and feature the voices of native German speakers. Another feature you'll love is the engaging stories that teach you useful vocabulary and colloquial expressions.

4. GermanPod101

earn German podcast-GermanPod101


GermanPod101 has short video and audio lessons developed by real German teachers.

The recorded discussions teach you grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. In addition, the app comes with innovative learning tools like vocabulary lists, worksheets, audio transcripts, and PDF notes so you can deepen your understanding of the material.

You'll find the courses arranged in tiers, according to your skill level. Overall, this comprehensive set of learning tools will keep you engaged with lessons relevant to the real-world.

Mastering The Basics Of German With Apps

Next, let's look at apps that help you understand the basics of the German language.

You'll focus on the fundamentals, such as the alphabet, numbers, and critical skills you'll need during the beginning of your language journey.

5. Mondly


Mondly's 45-minute learning modules will help you master the fundamental principles of German.

The app combines vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation into a single comprehensive course that enables you to dive straight into the German language.

What's more, Natural Speech Recognition technology helps you to get your German pronunciation right so you sound like a native.

Instead of memorizing individual words, you'll learn from conversational examples and context. And throughout the course, you can tap on the screen to access translation and grammar learning tools.

6. iStart German


The iStart German app is designed for beginners who want to reach a conversational level.

Three tutors guide you through the course, which includes grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation exercises, along with interactive quizzes.

Follow along in the dialogues with speech bubbles that move in synch with the lesson unit. The app focuses on words that are frequently used in everyday life. And how to use them in context.

If you're a beginner, you'll appreciate the straightforward grammar explanations given in English. The only downside is that this app is for iPhone and iPod touch only, as you can probably guess from the name!

7. Drops


Drops helps you build a foundation of essential vocabulary with the help of over 100 different word lists.

The lessons are short and concise, which helps you stay motivated long-term. And visual associations help you memorise new words.

One of the best features is instant feedback that lets you know right away if you've made a mistake. And the regular review sessions help keep the vocabulary fresh in your mind.

Not into word lists for vocab learning? Check out my top 5 German flashcard apps for mastering German vocabulary.

Grammar-Specific German Learning Apps

Struggling with German grammar? Well, start expanding your knowledge of German with these grammar-specific apps.

8. 14,000 Deutsche Verben


You'll find the conjugation of every German verb in the 14,000 Deutsche Verben app. Audio pronunciations are available for most of the words. Plus, the navigation screen allows you to select which tenses you want to view.

In conclusion, this app is an excellent reference source for conjugating verbs on the go.

9. German Complete Grammar


This app was designed to help you improve your German grammar skills at every level. If you have a basic understanding of the language, then you'll benefit the most from the German Complete Grammar app.

Complete exercises teach you about fundamental grammar structures. In addition, as you progress, more exercises become available. Last but not least, you can also synchronise the app with Google translate.

10. Der Die Das


The Der Die Das app helps you master the German articles the fun way. You'll find all the rules that tell you when to use which gender. And mnemonic devices to help you remember them.

There are exercises for every level, from beginner to advanced. You can also choose from a variety of different categories. Most importantly, built-in quizzes help you review what you've learned.

11. DeutschAkademie


The comprehensive DeutschAkademie app contains tens of thousands of exercises to help you master German grammar. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced level courses.

You can even study with over 70 different textbooks. But, unfortunately, this app is only for practice and doesn't contain any learning modules.

That's why I recommend these exercises as a supplement to your current learning plan.

Conversational German Learning Apps

Overcome any fears you have of talking German with one of these conversational apps.

12. Chatterbug


Chatterbug connects you with native German speakers for individual tutoring sessions. You'll receive a customized curriculum consisting of grammar, vocabulary, flashcards, reading, and writing exercises.

The app tracks your strengths and weaknesses, using spaced repetition to help you remember what you've learned. Meanwhile, live video chats with German-speaking natives immerse you in real-life conversations.

13. Speechling


Speechling focuses on learning German through talking. Many of us tend to avoid the speaking aspect of a new language. But the app will help you overcome those barriers with thousands of sentences designed to help you improve conversational fluency.

First, you listen to phrases pronounced by native speakers. Then, you repeat the sentence in a voice recording. And within one day, you'll receive feedback from human tutors.

So that makes Speechling an excellent preparation tool for the next app, HelloTalk.

14. HelloTalk

hellotalk app review


Once you've acquired some vocabulary and grammar skills, you'll probably want to put them to the test. That's where HelloTalk comes in. This app connects you with native German speakers to practice your conversational abilities.

So, you help your German buddy learn English while they help you learn German. The app supports text, voice, and video recordings that are enhanced with intuitive learning tools.

Some of these aids include translation, pronunciation, and automatic correction tools that assist in your conversation. If you want to find out more, check out my HelloTalk review.

15. German Uncovered

German Uncovered Course 800px

So technically this last one isn't an app.

But, the thing is, an app won't do the hard work for you of speaking the language.

As great as German learning apps can be, you can't get fluent in German just by using an app. Or even multiple apps.

For that, you'll need something more comprehensive. That's why I created German Uncovered, my comprehensive beginner programme that  teaches you to speak German through the power of story.

Like I said, it's not an app, but you can still use it on ANY device – computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This comprehensive beginner programme teaches you German through a fun and natural method that makes learning a pleasure, and grammar a breeze!

It goes far deeper than the German smartphone apps listed above and will give you a very thorough grounding in the language.

You see, language apps might appear flashy and modern…

But they lack the depth you need to truly master German.

The only way to achieve a high level of German is to immerse yourself in the language! And that's what you do in Uncovered by learning through story from Day 1.

With stories, you can:

To find out more about German Uncovered or to enrol in the programme, click here.

How To Get The Most From German Learning Apps

So, as you've seen, German-learning apps can be an ideal way to kick-start your language capabilities.

However, there's no single app that will teach you everything. Instead, I recommend working with multiple apps that can cover a broad range of topics, from grammar to pronunciation.

First, I recommend choosing an app that can instantly immerse you in the German language. These apps are motivational and can teach you essential phrases in no time.

You should also consider an app that helps you master the basics. You'll gain a more in-depth understanding of the language overall.

Grammar-specific apps help you conquer the more challenging aspects of German. For example, when do you use der, die, or das? And how do you conjugate certain verbs?

Grammar apps will clarify these questions and give you the knowledge you need to build your own sentences.

Finally, choose a conversational app that gets you talking as soon as possible! We often hesitate to start speaking a language, even though saying words out-loud can help with memorization.

Regardless of your level, you can find a conversation app that meets your needs.

Until next time, Viel Erfolg!

Over to you – which German learning apps have you tried? What were your experiences of them? Let me know in a comment below! 

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