IWTYAL 226: Introducing Conversations

In this episode, I introduce my new Conversations product, in a conversation with IWTYAL team-member James.

Episode Summary:

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is Conversations?
  • The planning, preparation and work that went into the creation of the product
  • Feedback we made to the language content after input from testers

Conversations is now available in six languages!

For more information click the language that interests you below:

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  • disqus_lcic15lSQr

    I am super excited about this new project! Sadly, every time I click the link it either says that “Conversations is closed” or it gives me an error message. Is the site down? Or not up yet?

    • Sorry, we had a bit of technical trouble, but it should be fixed now! Great to hear you’re excited about the project!

      • disqus_lcic15lSQr

        Oh yay! Thanks for your fast response!

  • DavidMHart

    Afraid that the page still comes up as ‘now closed’ for me. I’d be interested in trying the Italian one (and if I like the series, I’d be interested in there being a Finnish one and a Bulgarian one at some point in the future – is there anything that people with an interest in less popular languages can do to help make that a possibility?)

    • Hey David! If you look in the show notes above, there’s a working link – I kept it open for podcast listeners, because I realised that many people didn’t get the emails with notice about the deadline. (100% my fault)

      • DavidMHart

        Thanks. Apparently I’m an idiot who doesn’t read the full instructions 🙂

        Anyway, I’ve now ordered the full set of six because, what the hell, my French and German could also do with a tune up some time, even if other things are higher up the priority list.

        Do let me know if there’s anything that people can do to make, say, Finnish more likely. I gather there’s an unusually large gulf between formal written Finnish and the everyday spoken language (or cluster of dialects, rather), so anything with casual speech + transcripts should be of great use.

        • I hope you find them useful, David, and thanks for the support.

          As for Finnish… my default response for some time to these requests has been “we’ll see”, but I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something more strategic I can do to make these things happen.

          What might make sense is for me to create a directory of people with interest or skill in certain languages, who would be prepared to:

          a) support the creation of material financially


          b) offer their time / language ability toward the creation of the material

          Ultimately, making material comes down to a combination of time and money. Leave it with me.