IWTYAL 210: How was the Montreal Language Festival?

This weekend, I was in Montreal for LangFest 2017. Since then, many friends have been asking me how it was. So, in this episode, I answer that question publicly.

Episode Summary:

  • Many people from the Community traveled from far and wide to attend the conference
  • It’s great to take a few days to step away and think about language and language learning with calm… it’s inspiring
  • My talk on memory
  • Stephen Krashen, Steve Kaufmann and comprehensible input
    • Does comprehensible input or conscious learning result in skill building?
    • Story and graded readers
  • The theme emerging from speakers that stuck with me was that of “compelling input” and “passion” … nothing new, but the extent of the emphasis was a good reminder of what matters
  • italki
  • I personally found this a great boost for my work with graded readers
  • Montreal is a great, cosmopolitan city, despite taxes, tips and crazy weather
  • Alex Rawlings gave a great talk in which he parodied language learning methods
  • I had some great meetings with Stephen Krashen and Teach Yourself
  • Caught up with Richard and Alex, had good time to chat with Benny and Steve Kaufmann
  • Organising a conference is a LOT of work

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