Advice On Learning Egyptian Arabic – Interview with Olly

When my friend Jan van der Aa visited Cairo last week, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk about all things “Egypt”.

In this short video, shot on my balcony, we discuss my progress since I started learning Arabic 3 months ago:

  • How is life in Egypt?
  • Is Egyptian Arabic more difficult than other languages I’ve learnt?
  • How are you dealing with complex Arabic grammar?
  • How do you move from learning phrases to speaking more freely?
  • Is it easy to find friends and connect with local people in Egypt? Is there much of a culture gap?
  • Should you learn the Arabic script?
  • Differences between Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)
  • What advice do I have for people learning Arabic?

Plus, I speak a bit of Arabic on camera for the first time since arriving in Egypt! (It’s only a few sentences 🙂 )


Do you speak Arabic, or are you learning at the moment? What challenges do you face? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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  • Theodora Kostadinova

    What a great video – I love it. I’m looking forward to the next one

  • Sounds great! Your accent sounds good–very Egyptian even. Keep it up!

  • Nadav Davis

    I studies a year of MSA and then decided to learn a dialect. I started with Egyptian and I’ve found it to be “easier” to learn than the Levantine dialects. the thing is you still need to know some MSA just to be able to read and write properly.

    • Yeah, this is why Arabic is such a complex project to take on. I only started to discover the true scope of Arabic after months of studying.

  • Вадим Вороновский

    Hi.. Very useful interview, thank you. I’ve learned arabic online with native speakers using skype. It was very useful because I could do it in any time. I used this platform to find tutors Now I’m looking for more opportunities to imrove my language speaking skills.