Cantonese update – singing!

I wanted to get off the study wagon for a while and do something a bit more fun, so I learnt this great song in Cantonese in order to focus a bit on my pronunciation.

What do you think? Remember I’m not a singer or guitarist, so go easy on me 🙂

What song would you learn in another language? Leave me a comment and please share this video if you enjoyed it!



Using songs to learn languages

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Cantonese update – singing!

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  • Awesome! This song is a classic! It is also very hard to sing too (if I remember correctly, the original key was in F). Congratulations!

    When the tragedy happened to the lead singer of the band, I was studying in the UK. The song brings me back a lot of memories there.

    Keep it up with your Cantonese learning!

    • Thanks 🙂 I had to change the key to fit my voice… I think the change of key kind of changes the mood a bit actually!