Michel Thomas Publisher Reveals How She Changed The Face Of Language Learning

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Michel Thomas is one of the best-known language teachers of all time.

His language courses are supremely popular, and his teaching method has a “magic” to it that seems to make language learning easy for many people.

But, he was a highly secretive person.

In fact, for many years, he refused to talk to anyone about his method, and only taught behind closed doors.

So, how was it, that he was finally convinced to make his courses available to the world, and create his first published material?

This is surely one of the most fascinating language stories ever told… and I'm delighted to be able to discuss this on the podcast and in these interview notes.

You see, it all began in the late 1990s, when Sue Hart (pictured above) was Commissioning Editor at Teach Yourself Languages.

One day, out of the blue, she received a phone call from Michel Thomas himself.

In this exclusive interview, Sue reveals exactly what happened, and how she was able to convince Michel to do the unthinkable…

(Click the play button to listen to the interview. The main points are summarised below.)

How Sue Became Aware Of Michel Thomas

As the new commissioning editor at Teach Yourself Languages in the late 1990s, Sue discovered a memo from a colleague attached to a tape in a filing cabinet.

It read: “You might be interested in this!”


About Michel Thomas’ Language Teaching Methods

How Sue Persuaded Michel Thomas To Create Commercial Language Courses

Why Michel Decided To Finally Release His Method To The World

Creating The Courses

About Michel Thomas

Quotes About Michel Thomas

[Tweet ““Language learning is one of the most alien processes the brain can undertake.” – Michel Thomas”]

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Did you enjoy the story? If you have any comments, or questions for Sue, please leave them below!

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