How To Learn A Language Better, Faster & Cheaper Without Traveling Abroad

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It’s a myth.

Most people believe the only way to learn a foreign language is to travel abroad.

But they’re wrong.

Here’s the truth: If you live in New York, London, Paris, or any other big city, you’re already firmly in one of the best language learning environments on the planet.

You see, when I started learning languages (aged 19), I thought I had to travel, too.

So I did.

I used to spend lots of time and money traveling the world in order to get language practice.

However, by the time I learnt my eighth language (Arabic), things had changed.

I realised you could get virtually all the benefits of travel by living at home. What’s more, by staying at home, you also get a bunch of advantages you can’t get by traveling.

These days, on my blog and podcast, I spend my time teaching people exactly how they can pick up a new language quickly, and from home.

And for me, cities like New York or London are a language learner’s paradise.

Whether you want to learn your first foreign language, brush up an old one, or add a few more languages to your CV, you can.

And I’d like to show you how.

Why traveling to learn a language isn’t always smart

When you travel abroad, there is one obvious benefit: You get immersion in your target language.

And what better way to become fluent quickly than to surround yourself with the language every day?

Unfortunately, the reality of travel is often very different.

Practising your target language abroad can be harder than it seems:

I’ve been lucky enough to live in seven countries, and I've experienced all these things!

Even with some serious stubbornness, any one of these things can suck the motivation right out of you.

Now, it’s true that the more advanced you get, the more you can get out of living abroad. Conversation is easier, you speak more confidently, and people see you more as “one of them”.

Indeed, once you’ve got a strong foundation in a foreign language, traveling to the country itself can be a fantastic boost to your language skills.

But until you become more proficient in the language you’re learning, you’ve probably got more to gain by staying right at home.

Why you should stay at home to learn a language

Listen: When you start learning a new language, you’ve got work to do!

Yes, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s truly nothing like falling in love with a new culture and people.

Yes, I know how much you’re dying to get on a plane, and spend time exploring cities, towns and villages.

But, if you want to get beyond the beginner stage in your new language, there are no two ways about it… you’re going to have to do some work!

And it’s for precisely this reason that I now prefer to learn a language from home:

Here’s the point: If you live in a big city, you can get all the benefits of living abroad (people, culture, immersion), without any of the negatives (stress, upheaval, linguistic pressure, cost).

So, what’s the best way to go about learning?

Learning like a pro…from home!

Even with all the benefits of living in a big city like New York or London, the best way to learn a language can still be confusing.

And this is where some help can come in handy.

Why spend years figuring out how to learn another language, when you can learn from those who have already figured how it’s done?

The Polyglot Workshops were created for this reason.

These workshops (featured in the BBC, New York Times, Forbes, and more) were created to bring together some of the world’s language learning experts, and make their experience available to the public.

In November 2015, we’re running two exclusive one-day workshops in London, and we’re looking for people like you to come and join us.

We’ll be spending a whole day with you, and a very small group of people, sharing the exact strategies we’ve used to learn over 50 languages.

It’s an intimate, interactive day, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask us anything about learning foreign languages. You’ll also leave the workshop with a personalised action plan, so you’ll know exactly what to do in the weeks and months to come to reach your goals.

If you’re looking for the best way to raise your game, speak another language with confidence, and achieve your life’s ambitions… this is it!

These are currently the only workshops we have planned in the USA, and spaces are strictly limited.

To join us in NYC for an unforgettable day, click the link below…

CLICK HERE – NYC Workshop Details



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