Announcing 7 New Languages & Levels of my Short Stories!

New short story books olly richardsLast year, on a cold rainy night in London, I was standing on a podium battling a 40ºC fever (104ºF), attempting to introduce my new books of Short Stories to the waiting crowd.

After 2 years of work, we'd arrived at the official book launch, and Teach Yourself (my publishers) had put on this event at their gorgeous London offices to help celebrate.

And there I was… white as a sheet and struggling to hold it together!

Bad luck!

I somehow made it through the event, made a fairly sharp exit after thanking everyone for coming, and then just about made it home before collapsing in bed for about a week.

A sign of things to come?

Luckily not. In fact, things improved quite quickly.

Shortly after release, the books began selling like hot cakes, as bookshops around the world began stocking them rows deep on shelves.

In fact, my friend Benny Lewis told me on a live stream that, on a recent driving trip, he found my books in every single Barnes & Noble in the US state of Georgia. (Apparently he went to every single store… not sure what he was up to!)

my short story books for learners


Fast-forward one year, and I hear we've sold over 100,000 copies.

That's a lot of books, and a lot of people around the world reading stories to help them learn languages… a strategy that's helped them make huge strides forward in their language learning.

And I'm proud to be making this contribution to the language world.

Introducing 7 New Languages

But why stop at six books?

And why stop at the beginner level?

Why indeed!

So, for the last 12 months, behind the scenes, we've been quietly working away at exciting new additions to the stories, for beginner and intermediate level.

New beginner languages:

New intermediate languages:

new languages short story books

The stories are the same across all the beginner languages, albeit adapted and “localised” to make them appropriate for the target culture.

The intermediate books have a different set of stories – more challenging than the beginner level. (Those stories are also the same across the intermediate books)

Having the same stories across language is a huge advantage.

This is because, if you read more than one language, you can use your familiarity with the content to focus on the language itself. This makes these books a particularly good tool for you if you plan to learn more than one language.

Lastly, I'm particularly pleased to be able to offer books for less well-resourced languages.




Your local bookshop isn't exactly bursting with interesting content in these languages… but I'm putting an end to that!

And the good news is that we have lots more language on the way, too! Languages as diverse as Icelandic, Korean and Swedish.

But you'll have to be a little more patient for those.

Fear not… I'll tell you all about them when they're ready to be announced!

Check out the new books

For now, head over to my Books Page, where I'll show you how to grab yourself a copy of one of the new books:



  1. For new editions, it takes Amazon some time to update new covers. So, if you see an old cover for the book you're looking for, be sure to select the “new edition” from the menu!)
  2. Some books will be released later in some countries. If that's you, please pre-order the books as normal, and you'll get them delivered the day they come out where you are!

Do you have any requests for new languages in the series?

Let me know in a comment below!

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