22 Polyglots Read From Short Stories for Beginners | Festival Of Reading 2018

22 polyglots short stories

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to release a series of language learning books: Short Stories for Beginners, in six languages.

Together with the wonderful Teach Yourself, we worked long and hard to create beautiful new editions of the books that I originally released a few years ago.

I’m delighted with the books.

But the other day, I also achieved a long-standing dream of walking into a bookshop and seeing my own books on the shelves!

What could be better?

Well, turns out there is something.

To promote the book launch, I reached out to polyglot friends and colleagues from around the internet to see if they would lend a hand.

Together, we organised a Festival of Reading, where every day for over a month, these guys and girls gave short readings from the books, in multiple languages.

I was so happy to have everyone’s support with this festival, I decided to put together this commemorative post, so you can see all the readings in one place!

To learn more about the books, please click here.

And if you own one of the books, and would like to post a picture on social media, please use hashtag #AStoryADay so I can find you!

Anyway, bring on the festival…

Video 1 – Olly (Italian)

YouTube: Olly Richards, Fluent Spanish Academy

Video 2 – Steve (French)

Website: LingQ

YouTube: Steve Kaufmann – lingosteve

Video 3 – Anthony (German)

Website: Magnetic Memory Method

YouTube: Anthony Metivier

Video 4 – Donovan (Russian)

Website: The Mezzofanti Guild

YouTube: The Mezzofanti Guild

Video 5 – Daniel (English)

Website: Aprende Más Inglés

Youtube: Daniel Welsch

Video 6 – Gabriel (Spanish)

Website: Sprachheld

YouTube: Sprachheld

Video 7 – Daria (Russian)

Website: Real Russian Club

YouTube: Real Russian Club

Video 8 – Marija (German)

Website: Deutsch Mit Marija

YouTube: Deutsch Mit Marija

Video 9 – Lindie (French)

Website: LindieBotes.com

YouTube: Lindie Botes

Video 10 – James (Spanish)

Website: Lingua Materna

YouTube: James Granahan

Video 11 –  Stefano (German)

YouTube: linguaEpassione

Video 12 – Tom (Italian)

Website: TomCrewther.com

YouTube: Tom Crewther

Video 13 – Lindsay (English)

Website: Lindsay Does Languages

YouTube: Lindsay Williams

Video 14 – Kerstin (German)

Website: Fluent Language

YouTube: Fluent Language

Video 15 – Lydia (Russian)

Website: Language Mentoring

YouTube: Language Mentoring

Video 16 – Jan (French)

Website: Language Boost

YouTube: Jan & Lucas – Language Boost

Video 17 – Alberto (Italian)

Website: Italiano Automatico

YouTube: Learn Italian With Italian Automatico

Video 18 – Diego (Spanish)

Website: Spanish To Mind

YouTube: Spanish To Mind

Video 19 – Anastasia (Russian)

YouTube: Language Boost Russian – with Anastasia Lbova

Video 20 – Gareth (German)

Website: How To Get Fluent

YouTube: Dr. Popkins' How To Get Fluent

Video 21 – Martina (Italian)

Website: Italian Bites

YouTube: Italian Bites

Video 22 – Gabriel Wyner (French)

Website: Fluent Forever

YouTube: Fluent Forever

Video 23 – Olly (Spanish)

Website: Fluent Spanish Academy

YouTube: Fluent Spanish Academy

Would you like to pick up a copy of one of these books?


Have you enjoyed the Festival of Reading 2018? Which of these readings was your favourite? Remember, if you've picked up your own copy of the book I'd love to see your photo with it on social media. Use the hashtag #AStoryADay so I can find you!

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