IWTYAL 71: Beginner Japanese Hacks

itunesButtonNicole asks: “How can I progress beyond the basics in Japanese?”

In this episode:

  • Why you should avoid focusing on kanji as a beginner
  • What you should do instead
  • My story in Japan
  • How to improve the fastest as a beginner

Resources Featured In Today’s Episode:

These resources are the best out there for learning natural Japanese:

  • Japanese Pod 101 – natural dialogues with clickable audio
  • FluentU – learn Japanese with video and transcripts
  • Master Japanese – a fantastic guide for learning kanji and finding sources of natural Japanese

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  • robert fish

    Kanji really shows how languages intertwine with each other.If you look at a kanji character you will see that all its meanings are either literal or metaphorically connected in some way.Keep an open mind and you will succeed in Japanese as well as follow Olly’s advice.Happy holidays everyone

  • Mel Vargas

    Totally agree learning words in context. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a long time now and I don’t feel like I’m making any significant progress. My mistake was to use spaced-repetition to learn the words independently and even if I know a lot of words now, I’m still having a hard time stringing them together to form sentences; but I’m trying to correct that mistake.

    I have a question though, what does a good language tutor look like? I used to use iTalki but I feel that most of the time is wasted since I can’t really converse yet. What should I be looking for in a language tutor?

    Thanks for the podcast Olly. Hope you’re having a fun holiday season. Happy Christmas and have a blessed new year. 🙂