IWTYAL 61: Is it REALLY a bad idea to learn multiple languages?

itunesButtonAgnes asks: “I’m learning lots of languages, and it’s going fine! Is it really a bad idea to learn more than one language at a time?”

In this episode:

  • Always follow your passions
  • If you love learning different languages… keep going!
  • High school and university is the ideal time to be learning languages
  • Ellen Jovin – http://ellenjovin.com/
  • Adults often have a hard time learning a foreign language because of busy lives, so for them the advice to stick with learning one language stands

Today’s Quote:

“There are lots of people I admire and respect, but I don’t necessarily want to be like them. I’m too happy being myself.” James D’arcy

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  • robert fish

    Well done agnes,im also a highschool polyglot who speaks 20 languages at the moment.I find your motivation inspiring

    • That’s cool! Thanks for stopping by!

      • robert fish

        Your welcome olly,anything for a fellow polyglot