IWTYAL 107: Which language exam should I take?

Mario asks: “I want to take an exam to improve my English. Which one should I choose?”

In this episode:

  • There are many language exams in the world – good and bad
  • Be clear on your aim…
  • Do you need the exam to enter university/get a job?
  • Or is it just for fun?

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

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  • Luis

    Olly, you did not answer Mario’s question. He said clearly what his goal is: “I want to be sure of my own English level and I want to choose an English exam to do that… ” It is the general problem of “what is my level now?”

    • Hi Luis – oh, thanks for pointing that out. In that case, the general advice from the episode to choose a good exam that covers all 4 skills stands. I would definitely recommend IELTS.

      • Luis

        I agree with you, but what about Cambridge exams, they cover all 4 skills of general English and provide you with a level according to the CEFR (B1, B2, C1, C2). Instead, IELTS can be quite academic, I think.

        • I believe cambridge exams are good too, I just haven’t had much experience with them. With IELTS you have two options – general or academic.

  • dandiprat

    I think these types of exams can be a good motivator for improving skills. I have always found the listening components to be difficult and as a result worked much harder on improving this.