IWTYAL 199: Interview with Michel Thomas Publisher Sue Hart

In this exciting episode, I speak with Sue Hart, the publisher who persuaded Michel Thomas to release his famous language courses to the world.

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  • Kevin Richardson

    As always, something I enjoy about following your adventures is the honesty of leaving mistakes in. It also resonated with something that I’ve been experiencing – having friends who are way more advanced or only just beginning. I’m now in the position where I can understand the frustrations of one of my friends who speaks Japanese at a much higher level than myself. Conversely, I’m also finding myself on the other side of the coin when friends at a beginner level want to practice their Japanese with me. I’m often reminded about how easy it can be misconstrued … like “oh, he’s just showing off” with a beginner or like “he’s really got no idea of the nuance of what he’s saying” with someone with a greater mastery. It’s an interesting dynamic isn’t it.

    I’m sure one of the things that makes your adventures with Jan pretty awesome is that you both speak many other languages – so you can both appreciate where you’re at and respect each other. Do you think that would be the case if you both didn’t speak any other languages other than Spanish on this adventure?