IWTYAL 078: When should I stop learning vocabulary?

Steffen asks: “When’s the right time to stop focusing on vocabulary?”

In this episode:

  • Why you’ll always need to grow your vocab
  • The ONE thing that’s more important than that
  • Sprints

Resources Featured In Today’s Episode:


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  • Israel Lai

    Aha, I still remember our English teacher warning us not to use more than 2 idioms per essay.
    In Cantonese though, I’d say the limit is much higher for slang, since it’s basically become an essential part of contemporary speech.
    In fact I’m planning to make a section of my blog about Cantonese slang (or other similar stuff) and I’ve got tons of ideas and everything planned out – the only thing holding me back is still (supposedly temporarily) not having a computer to write on. (We say 萬事俱備,只欠東風.) So this episode is either perfectly timed or terribly timed! :p

  • Anca

    Vocabulary aside, I can´t wait to read/learn more about the Spanish project! Sounds über-cool.