IWTYAL 225: Listening Skills 3 – Real Conversations Are Nothing Like My Textbook!

This is part 3 of a new series about improving your listening skills!

Episode Summary:

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difficult of jumping from “textbook” language to “real” language
  • Why bridging the gap between the two is vital to your success
  • What kind of material is most helpful

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  • pdwalker

    *laugh* ok, it is an informercial

    In all fairness, the things you identify are real problems, the solution you offer is a real solution, and the listening material you’re about to offer serves a real need.

    I’m actually interested in seeing what you’ve developed.

    • Thanks! Hope you’ll like it!

      • pdwalker

        Ok, I bit, Chinese version.

        I’ll give a review after I’ve gone through a few of the lesssons in the way you recommend.

        Initial impression from a single listen of chapter 1 and 20: it really is intermediate level. I can get about half the words or so, and miss some of the fine details (expected). Full speed speach, but very clearly spoken and excellent audio quality.

        Pdf well laid out.

        Question: I notice that a lot of mainland textbooks have the pinyin above the individual characters. Is there s reason you didn’t didn’t layout the text this way. (Difficulty of layout could be one reason, I guess)

        • Thanks for the positive feedback!

          Re: pinyin above the characters… Not something I considered actually, but it’s an interesting idea. My experience as a Cantonese learner has been that I want to have the characters separate from the pinyin, because otherwise it’s too easy to cheat!

          However, this is great feedback and when I survey everyone about improvements to make, this will be a good question to ask!