9 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Learn Spanish

why donald trump should learn spanishIt’s probably fair to say Donald Trump is not a fan of the Spanish language.

He’s left the American public in no doubt about that.

However, I think he should learn Spanish!

In fact, I think learning Spanish would win him the election! Here’s why…

1. Beating Hillary Would Be Easy

…in Spanish, that is!

We know Trump already speaks a few words of Spanish.

In a video interview (now removed) by Mario Lopez, we heard:

  • Lopez: “Aquí estoy con el señor Trump y estamos hablando de la elección.” (Here I am with Mr. Trump and we are talking about the election.)
  • Trump: “Gracias Mario, gracias.” (Thank you Mario, thank you.)

Okay, so there was only one Spanish word there, to be fair.

However, Hillary’s not doing so well either.

As she struggles to crack 60% of the Hispanic vote, it might have something to do with her Spanish:

(She’s chanting the Spanish equivalent of “Yes We Can!”… except she gets the last word wrong, saying pueda instead of puede.)

2. Jeb Bush Supporters Might Back Trump

When Republicans were battling for the nomination, Jeb Bush didn’t just attack Donald Trump… he did it in Spanish!

What we learned from Jeb’s politically risky move, however, was that his Spanish is awesome!

When Trump responded, rather than addressing the issues, he criticized Jeb for speaking Spanish.

“I like Jeb. He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

– Donald Trump

It seems not all Republicans agree with Trump.

During one of the early debates, Marco Rubio poked fun at Ted Cruz’s Spanish too…

“I don’t know how he knows what I said because he doesn’t speak Spanish”

However, as you can see, it seems Ted Cruz does speak a bit … more than Hillary at least!

Perhaps if Trump brushed up on his Spanish, he’d be able to win the backing of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio supporters!

3. Women Would Go Weak At The Knees

Well, maybe not all women!

But there’s a part of the American female hispanic population who are already diehard fans.

Imagine what would happen if he broke out in Spanish? I shudder to think…

There are definitely a few extra votes to be picked up there!

4. He Would Delight His Existing Latino Supporters

It’s not just Colombian women who are backing Donald Trump for President.

Here’s one Puerto Rican guy who puts his loyalty with America above fellow Latinos, and plans to cast his first ever vote in an election to back Trump.

But that’s not all…

He even wrote a song to explain why…

“Let’s get it straight. Who am I gonna vote for? I’ll vote for the man who tells me the truth, the one who we have prayed and hoped for,” says composer Ruben Obed Martinez.

Learn Spanish and Trump would surely impress a few undecided voters!

5. Know Your Enemies

Know your enemies, they say.

Well, Trump’s got his fair share of those.

But there are more out there who he doesn’t know about.


Because they’re singing about it in Spanish!

Michael Corleone. Source: http://bit.ly/28MNy2I

Source: http://bit.ly/28MNy2I

So, Donald, learn Spanish and take a leaf out of Michael Corleone’s book:

“My father taught me many things here — he taught me in this room. He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

– Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II (1974)

6. Better Relationships With Reporters

Marcos Stupenengo, an Argentine reporter, turned up at Trump Tower in New York for an interview. (It is unclear whether the interview was scheduled or not.)

Stupenengo, who has blond hair and blue eyes, had no trouble getting in the building. However, when he received a phone call and began speaking in Spanish, he was swiftly ejected from the building by security staff.

marcos stupenengo

Source: YouTube

TV Azteca said the campaign staff told him:

“We have no interest in coverage from Spanish-language networks.”

Given Donald Trump already has support from within the hispanic community, he could drum up even more support by learning Spanish and chatting to the Spanish-language networks!

7. Avoid Coming Last Place

Donald Trump hates losing.

But would he care about losing a Spanish language contest among America celebrities?

Who knows…

But here’s the thing: He could quite easily avoid coming last!

Charles Barkley has demonstrated just how high the bar is…

So, come on, Donald! It wouldn’t take much to avoid losing this particular contest!

8. Follow Your Own Advice

At an event in New Hampshire in 2015, Trump met a woman from New Mexico who complained: “My mother can’t get a job because she doesn’t speak Spanish!”

He thought about this for a second.

Then, Trump replied in his trademark no-nonsense style. A reply which spoke volumes: “Learn Spanish?”

He then made a swift exit into a black SUV waiting at the front of the venue.

Now that Donald is campaigning to become everyone’s president, surely it’s time he took his own advice and learned the native language of 52 million Americans?

9. Hope, Not Fear

Donald Trump says immigrants should learn English and assimilate.

Of course, he’s right.

You have a responsibility to learn the local language if you move to another country. (I did…seven times.)

And when Trump looks around America, he will undoubtedly see immigrants who don’t care about learning English or assimilating… and that scares him.

But who Trump doesn’t see are the millions of children around the country – children of immigrants – who love America with a passion.

Oh, and they speak English.

But they’re scared.

And they’re scared because what they hear from Trump are not sensible policy discussions on immigration, but threats.

Threats simple enough for a 7-year-old to understand.

Consider this report from a school visit in the Bronx…

The first time I heard a kid mention [Trump] was in the first or second week of school. I was with a class of second graders playing a “get to know you” activity, and a girl said that her favourite food was tacos.

“Tacos are Mexican food,” said the little boy next to me. A stream-of-consciousness monologue—classic seven-year-old style—followed. “I don’t like Mexican food. It’s from Mexico. I don’t want Donald Trump to win. I don’t want to have to go back to Santo Domingo.”

Molly Knefel, Dissent Magazine

So let’s cut the rhetoric, and look to the future.

America was built on immigration, and immigration will continue to shape the future of the country.

Whether this future materialises in an atmosphere of fear, or an atmosphere of hope, is up to us.

And language matters.

Language brings us together.

So learn Spanish, Donald!

It would send a powerful message and set an example for millions.

Above all, it would bring us together, not tear us apart.

I’ve taken the liberty of linking to a few resources below to help you learn Spanish quickly…

And if you want to learn really quickly (in time for the election!), you can steal my method – here it is!

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Would you add any more reasons to my list? Let me know in a comment below!

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  • DrD2

    “It’s probably fair to say Donald Trump is not a fan of the Spanish language.”

    It is fair to say Donald Trump is not a fan of illegals coming into the country. It has nothing to do with the language.

    • Or Spanish news networks…

      Or politicians speaking Spanish…

      Fair enough what you say, but he’s not exactly giving the language a good name.

      • Stephen B

        Your whole article seems to play into this sense of entitlement that many in the Hispanic community have about others learning their language. I’ve had illegal aliens practically get offended and demand that I explain why I learned two other foreign languages but not their precious Spanish. It’s this same attitude I believe that is part of the reason that the Spanish speaking world has contributed relatively little in the way of science, technology, music (REAL music and not this regeatton abomination), literature, etc. I know this comes off negative and arrogant but by many objective standards, Spanish is just not as important as it is perceived to be. The sooner people realize this, the better off their own community will be.

        • acrula

          This website is designed by a Spanish teacher for those interested in the Spanish language. Stay on topic, please.

      • DrD2

        Illegals are not giving the Spanish a good name. Trump has the guts to say it.

        Which, by the way, has nothing to do with the language.

        • acrula

          Exactly. So you too should stay on topic.

          • DrD2

            This is the topic which YOU printed. If you were unable to deal with criticism or a debate, don’t print it.

          • acrula

            I have a small Canon at home. It is barely capable of running off an electricity bill. Olly’s site was set up for those keen to learn other languages, mine is Mandarin, so you appear to be in the wrong place and probably in the wrong century too.

  • I wonder if there’s evidence demonstrating that bilingual or polyglot political leaders make more rational decisions. Elizabeth I of England comes to mind.

    As for Jeb, good on him. Who knew?

    • His Spanish is awesome!

    • acrula

      She had a lot of foreign rellos. No need to learn the few languages required for diplomacy, and the slaves no doubt helped out with the more far-flung barbaric dialects, though anything on the spice routes woukd have been well colonised by then.

  • “America was built on immigration, and immigration will continue to shape the future of the country.} Right, but you left out an important word – America was born on LEGAL immigration! And LEGAL immigration will shape the future of our country. But you say, “immigration” as if it’s the same thing as ILLEGAL immigration. Wrong! Your liberal bias-ness is showing Oly! You do it again here:
    “But who Trump doesn’t see are the millions of children around the country – children of [ILLEGAL] immigrants – who love America with a passion.”
    One devastating side effect of parents who commit criminal acts is their children caught up innocently in the criminal acts of their parents. When daddy robs a bank and is at the dinner table with his wife and children, the next knock at the door could be the police to take daddy away. When you enter a country illegally, you immediately set up in motion the consequences of this criminal action. Shame on the parents for putting their own children in this terrible position by entering a country illegally and “setting up house”. Is this what you would do? Would you enter a country illegally? It’s a criminal action to do so in any country not just the United States!
    I’m totally fine with everything else you said. I haven’t watched any of the videos and probably won’t. But I wasn’t going to let your misleading statements go unchallenged. No offense.

    • No offence taken – I’ll take that one on the chin! 🙂

      • haha 😉 You’re the best Olly – I wouldn’t have even wasted my time trying to explain my point of view if I didn’t think so highly of you, your courses and the great work you’re doing for all of us. Political discussions are such a total waste of time really. People are going to think what they’re going to think. I sounded off and I feel better now haha 😉

    • acrula

      The Jewish people were not welcome in other countries when they tried to leave Germany. They tried to leave from the late 19th century on. England wouldn’t take them and neither would England’s colonies, one of which was the Holy Land. North America did accept them, and they are some of the brightest and most successful people in a country that was originally settled by a bunch of murderous crackers. Again, you did not have to try to survive the Conquistadors, the dictatorships and the poverty of the Americas. Or did your ancestors indeed endure something similar? Is that why you are here?

      • Stephen B

        …and yet somehow these murderous crackers built the most powerful nation on earth.

        • acrula

          No they didn’t. The immigrants who came after them did. The first lot, mainly fur trappers and religious zealots, merely cleared the land and got rid of a few of the pesky local inhabitants.

          • Stephen B

            Which lot was that? The ones who went to Roanoke? Jamestown? Plymouth? Not aware of any fur trapper connection. The religious “zealots” on the Mayflower made up about 1/2, the others were more business minded. These aren’t the Spanish conquistador types that would be a more fitting reference given this topic.

  • Ethan

    Very funny Olly! I totally agree that Trump, and all politicians should learn at least one other language. English is the official language of the U.S., but people tend to forget (or be ignorant to the fact), that the president doesn’t just lead the U.S., in many ways he’s leading the world. As the representative of the country, how terrific would it be if he or she could take some meetings in other countries in another language?

    Much of the ignorance we have about other cultures and people derives from not speaking the same language. And our leaders certainly benefit from not being ignorant 😉

    • Right. Or even some small talk at the very least … goes a long way!

    • Israel Lai

      This probably needs some fact checking, but I heard that the states don’t even have an explicit official language!

  • Gamesforlanguages

    Love it! But keep on dreaming – although it should be really easy for him, with his incredible brain (he says!) …

    • I don’t think he’d find it too hard, really! He’s a smart guy.

  • negringa