Hong Kong

Cantonese is a tough language to learn for many reasons. You may think it's similar in difficulty to Mandarin. Think again. It's got over twice as many tones and uses traditional Chinese characters for writing (as opposed to the simplified ones used in Mandarin). However, everyone who knows Cantonese will tell you it's one of those languages that you can really have fun with! It's incredibly expressive and playful with truck loads of slang. It's going to be a long journey, but you can follow my progress on this page with monthly video updates. I don't prepare what I'm going to say in these videos (maybe a few ideas for content, but not the language) because I want it to be a raw and realistic account of my progress!

Progress Videos:

Cantonese 1-month progress video

How I learnt Cantonese - the first month

Cantonese 2-month progress video

Cantonese update - singing!

Cantonese 3-month progress video - "How to make progress"

Cantonese 4-month progress video

Cantonese 6-month progress video

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Image: the telegraph