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Language Learning & Coffee: How To Use “Productivity Anchors” To Upgrade Your Language Study

It’s been some time since we’ve had a really good look at productivity on the blog, so today I’m delighted to feature this guest post from Quincy Smith.  What is a “Productivity Anchor”?  How can this help you become a better language learning? And what on Earth does coffee have to do with it? (Hint: It’s […]

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Writing Productivity Hacks: 18 Lessons Learnt From 167 Blog Posts In 24 Months

In summer 2013, I started a blog. Two years later, my dashboard shows 167 published articles. That’s over 1 blog post per week. During this period, I’ve worked full-time, lived in three countries, published a book, and completed a master’s degree. So, how did I do it? How did I carve out the time to […]

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5 Ways To Break Your Facebook Addiction And Create More Time For Language Learning

You have the best of intentions … You plan to study … But then Facebook happens.  45 minutes later, your textbook lies unopened on the table. You’ve done it again! But don’t worry – there’s still hope. Here are five quick ways to get your Facebook addiction under control, and create extra time and focus for language […]

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