IWTYAL 043: A career in languages

itunesButtonChiara asks: “Is it still worth doing a degree in languages? Is there still a role for language teachers in a rapidly changing world?

In this episode:

  • Why a language degree is a great thing to do
  • My experience at university and what I got from it
  • The role of language teaching in a world with ever-increasing technology

Resources mentioned in todays episode:

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  • Fabrice Poirette

    Hello Olly,

    I am one of your first followers of your blog and I would like to thank you, once again, for your impressive and commendable work. I really enjoy listening to your podcasts.

    As I have already said, one language at a time for me, I definitely don’t have what it takes to be a polyglot.

    Having said that, I just want to give you some feedback to your podcast number 041 about “introvert”. I beg to differ on it. I think it is actually the crux of the problem and it would be worth deepening the problem. I would go as far as to say that it is one of the main reasons of the failure of the school system in France (as well as the UK for that matter). And I know what I am talking about as a math teacher in the France. Let’s face it, we can blame the system as far as language learning is concerned, but it cannot be successful without considering this very important parameter. Moreover, it is pretty much the same thing with studying the language on your own.

    I wish my English was better. I could speak for hours about that.

    That’s it. Thank you once again for all your material and your enthusiasm.

    Have a nice week,

    Take care,


    • Hi Fabrice, so do you think most chidren in English and France are introverts – is that what you mean?

      • Fabrice Poirette

        Hi Olly,

        Actually I do not think so, but some of them are (one of the main reason). In a classroom context, they are bound to fail.

  • Israel Lai

    (Off topic sorry :p) hey I never knew you did a music degree like me right now! I should consult you for insights on career and stuff like that, since we share two common passions now~