Stephen Krashen on Language Learning in the Polyglot Community

Stephen Krashen is a linguistics professor at the University of California who has written extensively on second-language acquisition.

His work is very highly regarded and it’s used in linguistics classes all over the world. If you’ve ever studied linguistics, you’ve probably come across some of his articles or books!

I spent a lot of time studying Stephen's work while completing my masters in linguistics, so when I got the chance to meet and interview him at the Langfest2017 conference in Montréal, I jumped at the opportunity!

The video above is the result – a fascinating half-hour conversation in which I pick Stephen’s brain about his life’s work on how people learn new languages.

Stephen not only talks about his research findings but about his own experiences of learning new languages and the power of story as a learning tool.


A Little About Stephen Krashen

Stephen’s Language Learning Theorystephen krashen reading

[Tweet “”The ability to speak is the result of listening [and] the result of reading” – Stephen Krashen”]

The Beginner’s Objection

The Power of Storystephen krashen story

Stephen’s Language Learning Experiences

Accent in a Second LanguageStephen Krashen language acquisition

[Tweet ““The perfect accent is within you” – Stephen Krashen”]

The Regression to ‘Skill Building’

Stephen’s Advice to Language Learners

stephen krashen second language acquisition

You can learn more about Stephen and read a selection of his articles and books at

What have you learned from this interview and how will you apply it to your own learning? Let us know in the comments!

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