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  • Sebastian RC

    Amazing podcast. God bless you.

  • Leonidas Savvides

    Extensive reading….
    at least what level must have to start reading Russian magazines in computers and internet – my field -… I am upper beginner but still have significant nulls due … only with Skype teacher speak…well? Other readings… Also better read Russian old stories by old leaders in Russian literature or Modern stories that involve even mobiles and Internet. ..? What you prefer?

  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Hi olly i’m med i’m tring to learn english and i want You to help me by your technique ,what can I do Step by Step thanks

  • Nicolas Papavero

    Hello Olly, my name is Nicolás I’m from Argentina. I’m studying Mandarin Chinese and I just finished my Teach Yourself Chinese. Do you have any recomendations about what should I do now? I am not sure if I should buy another book or just learn from real life. Thank you, and I love your podcast and blog!!

  • ‫عبد القادر ناصر الإسلام خليفي

    Hello Olly.Thank you a lot for helping language lerners .My name is Abdel kder from Algeria.I a studying English (at the university as a speciaity) and I struggle realy because I should be at advanced level but I fell that I am in lower intermediate( I can’t speak fluently, or understand well my classmates or understand movies..etc) so I want to speed up my learning.My second problem is I want to learn German at the same time with English how could I learn two languages at once.finaly I like so much your blog thanks.

  • Halvard Lægreid

    Hello Olly. One answer to your question about one thing I have learned from your podcast: “Repeat again and again”. See the same films again and again and practice the same dialogues again and again, read the same texts again and again. Your stress on this slogan made me concious about the fruitfulness of it in order to expand vocabulary and improve understanding.

    Now one question. I am currently doing my final preperations for my B1- russian- exam, and I find that my biggest challenge is not my knowledge, but my ability to concentrate. I too often find it hard to catch details in the text or speach, as uninvited thoughts intervene and block some of the vital information out. This is crucial to the listening-exercises and to the speaking, both vital parts of the exam I am about to take. This can of course also cause problems to my efforts trying to understand what people say to me in real life-situations.

    I have a week to go to my exam and my question is: How can I best work on concentrating better, focusing fully on the task, and nothing else?

    All the best from Halvard

  • horn doc

    Hi, Olly, I just finished your Italian Short Stories for Beginners and really took to the format, finding it very helpful and enjoyable. But what I’m really looking for is a similar resource in Greek, which I’ve had no luck finding. I have taken various online courses in Greek, but with a trip coming up I’d like to advance more.

  • Kento Sato

    Hi, Olly! I’m Kento from Japan. I’m learning French.
    I have a question about Glossika.
    In episode 173, you talked about your “core study”, and I got really interested in what you actually do routinely. And the episode page took me to the place where you write about Glossika. I’d like to know more about it; how you actually use it and if it’s worth buying. I feel like I want to try it but I think it’s relatively expensive compared to other materials like Benny Lewis’s or yours. I sincerely want to know if it’s worth it.
    Could you talk about Glossika in more detail on your podcast episode?

    By the way, I really appreciate your great work. I enjoy listening to your podcasts almost everyday.